Automation & Controls

Control Systems Design

Front end development is the foundation of the automation process. From stand-alone systems to whole facility control systems, our engineers have the experience and education to provide solutions for your automation process application.
• AutoCAD Electrical for schematics, panel design & electronic networks
• PLC & DCS design
• Control Systems Narratives
• Cause & Effect Matrix’s

PLC Programming

Our engineers develop programs for multiple PLC type platforms using ladder diagram, function block diagrams and structured text. Each system goes through rigorous testing to be sure it meets the customer’s design specifications.
• Control system routine functions, PID control and process interlocks
• Alarm and Shutdown logic
• Protocol interface/mapping (Modbus, DeviceNet, ControlNet…
• FAT document
• Software and hardwire simulation
• Punchlist

HMI/SCADA Software Development

Understanding the process allows us to provide our customers with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) system that effectively interfaces with their overall system. Whether it be working with your (HMI) standards or providing you with ours, we make the HMI interaction clear and understandable.
• Faceplates, Icons, screen navigation
• Alarm management
• Process historian, alarm archives, trend displays
• Remote control of devices

Custom Control Panels

We design and build custom engineered control panels for a variety of applications, from large PLC cabinets to small relay logic panels. Each panel goes through quality control checks before moving on to the next phase of testing and delivery.
Panels we design & fabricate:
• Reciprocating natural gas compressor Unit Control Panels
• Station Control Panels
• Control Panels for Auxiliary equipment such as back-up Generators
• RIO Panels
• Safety System Panels

Commissioning & Startup

We offer a variety of commissioning and startup services relating to various control systems. Our team is the same team who worked on the development phase. Once the electrical contractor has installed and wired the I/O, we work with the customer in providing site testing similar to the development testing.
• Site acceptance testing (SAT)
• Loop Checks
• Startup assistance support
• SCADA Point-To-Point Tests

Typical Design

• CAD drawings for panel layout and schematics
• Power supply, UPS, battery sizing
• Heat load calculations
• Wire duct sizing calculations
• PLC modules, relays, terminals, networks
• Bills of Material, purchasing, receiving, shipping

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